Welcome to the on-line home of Southend Vineyard Storehouse, also known as the Storehouse. You can use this site to read about our origins and get to know us on-line. If you haven’t visited us before or want to find out more about what we do, please click on the relevant links.

Southend Vineyard Storehouse is a community project hosted by Southend Vineyard Church, which is a registered charity lodged with the Charities Commission. We exist to do the works of Jesus in our Community of Southend on Sea. Jesus encourages all Christians to care for the poor, the weak, the homeless, the isolated; and those on the fringe’s of our community. Jesus says that if we feed and clothe anyone who comes to us in need, then we have really been serving him (Matthew 25, New Testament).

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We live in a society which has become increasingly fragmented through social reforms and economic uncertainty. Southend Vineyard Storehouse exists because we are able to collect food for redistribution from local retailers and provide a cafe for refreshment during the day’s we are open.

We believe in community and encourage those who use our service to get involved in our events and perhaps, volunteer their time: to make sure that we can continue to be, a place of sanctuary, and a place of peace in the middle of a storm.

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