Southend Vineyard Storehouse is a registered charity (Charity No: 1047393), and is totally dependent on our partners for supplying us with food produce and various items that enrich the lives of those in Food Poverty.

There are a variety of ways in which you could support us in our day-to-day running costs and the stocking of our food room

Many people ask us what type of products we would want to receive… Our answer is anything that is within the use-by date! Here is a list of what we usually put into a Food Bag:

Tinned Meats (Meatballs; Chili; Chicken in a sauce; bolognese; ravioli) – Tinned Tomatoes – Cook-In sauces – Beans – Spaghetti – Rice – Tinned vegetables (Potatoes; carrots; peas; mushrooms; sweetcorn; green beans) – Fray Bentos tinned pies – Tuna – Tinned Fruit (Pineapple; peach; apricots; melon; apple; fig; mixed fruits) – Custard – Semolina – Rice Pudding – Sponge Pudding – Noodles – Soup – Toilet tissue; Kitchen Roll; Tissues; Cleaning Products (NON-BLEACH products – toilet cleaner; washing up liquid; kitchen/bathroom sprays; cloths and sponges) – Toiletries (Deodorant; Shower Gell; Shampoo; Sanitary Products; Toothpaste/Brush; hair styling products; soap) – Baby and Children’s products (Baby Talc; bathing products; cotton wool; sterilizing fluids; nursing baby products such as breast pads; formula milk; nappies; wet wipes; milk bottles) – Soft drinks – Crisps – Breakfast Cereals – Flour – Ingredients for cooking from scratch (Herbs; spices; salt; cooking oil; gravy; stock) 

  • We run a vehicle, which collects produce from the Southend area, as well as visiting Ocado in Hatfield… this requires insurance, fuel and maintenance to keep it running.
  • We have salaried staff in a variety of roles… these are the Project Manager, Operations Manager, Community Liaison, Key Worker and a Cleaner. These role are totally dependent on external funding.
  • The Storehouse building costs have the usual expenditure necessary for it to open as a public building – Insurance, Utilities, Waste collection, IT and Telecoms, and Maintenance.

You can always telephone the office on 01702 612900 for making a donation to the Storehouse. We do have a secure Pay-Pal account for cash donations, which can be found here:


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