Thank You…

In the Storehouse, we are privileged to host many families. Some come to us for a season, while others remain users of our services for a transitional time between the workplace, training, illness, unemployment, sanctions, redundancy… we welcome all who cross our threshold.

We love to see successful people overcoming the odds. Shelter, the homeless charity, stated in 2016, that their research revealed that one in three of us are close to losing our homes:

One in three working families only one pay-cheque away from losing their home (Shelter, 09/09/16)

Even more shockingly, the research also revealed that a fifth of working parents face the nightmare prospect of being immediately unable to make their next rent or mortgage payment if they lost their job, and couldn’t get another one straightaway.

So it is so wonderful to read letters like the one below and the gift, photographed in the feature image, above…

Thank You

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